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    Marriage is not fun?

    What do you think about misery and pain caused by bad marriages and divorce? Do you think a psychological exam is necessary prior to a marriage to check the eligibility of a particular person?
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    Vitamin/s and etc

    Updated and edited: Vitamin/s and etc Latest update in the post and response below this post and intro. This isn't the 1st time that I have switched vitamins. Update on this. Switched from prenatal to women since from what I read that prenatal vitamins aren't good for me at the moment...

    exam dreams

    "I Failed The Test" To dream that you are taking an exam, indicates that you are being put to the test or being scrutinized in some way.�Such dreams highlight your feelings of being anxious and agitated. You may find that you cannot answer any of the questions on the test or that the test is in...