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Latest update in the post and response below this post and intro.

This isn't the 1st time that I have switched vitamins.

Update on this. Switched from prenatal to women since from what I read that prenatal vitamins aren't good for me at the moment. Stuck to the same brand as prenatal vitamins are from and also where my mom buys hers/ours as well.

Have been thinking about switching from prenatal vitamin to another multi vitamin. Prefer takin multi that has everything that I need. To takin multi with combo of others as well. At the same time unsure if I will mention this to my OB/GYN whom I see next mo for yearly exam and etc. At the same time unsure if I'm mention this to my primary care doctor as well. Also, it will be my 1st time or 2nd time (02/2005) that I have seen it. My yearly exam for that doctor will be in June. By the way my mom is an register nurse as well.

Believe this is it for now.
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Update: Got the right (women's) vitamins, today. Have to say womens looks pretty much the same as prenatals, but much smaller and etc.