1. Denise

    Another Kennedy Scandal? Mary Kennedy suicide: Estranged wife of Robert Kennedy Jr. was 'lost and alone'

    Mother of 4 was estranged from RFK Jr.; housekeeper finds her hanged in barn behind house: More here:


    At the St. Mark's baths Hart Crane washes my hair and I tilt around the cold porcelain of the basin with strain and delight, trying to look at him. But before I meet his sea-tempered eyes I feel his hands easing my head into the dark water, as if he were a sailor calming a storm on a ship with...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Damning New Investigation Into Climategate Inquiries by Andrew Montford

    Climate Realists Sept 14, 2010* The Global Warming Policy Foundation today publishes a detailed assessment of the Climategate inquiries set up by the University of East Anglia and others which finds that they avoided key questions and failed to probe some of the most serious allegations. The...