Another Kennedy Scandal? Mary Kennedy suicide: Estranged wife of Robert Kennedy Jr. was 'lost and alone'

100th Monkey

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I'll guarantee that somebody actually killed her, and it's not actually a suicide. What does the Illuminati have against these Kennedy's?


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Yep. another Kennedy murdered. HOw many does that leave now? Can't be many left now, they're killing them all off.

Obviously, these Kennedy's are working to better things and the illuminati want them all stopped. They'll only keep the ones alive who cooperate with the plans. Like Maria Shriver and her (from Austrian royalty) husband Arnold Schwarzeneggar (did I spell that right?, LOL). These two are playing some serious ball, so SHE can stay alive for the time being.


And they're doing all this for the money, these people are either extremely ignorant to what they are doing, or they're all sociopaths and lacking a conscience/empathy.