1. New UFO Hunter

    UFO photographed from plane over London

    What was the mysterious object? A passenger on a commercial flight over the English capital this week caught something unusual on camera. Source: UFO photographed from plane over London - Unexplained Mysteries
  2. 100th Monkey

    Leaked Footage of flying car Prototype 'Back the Future' style

    'Back the Future' style flying car? Is this real? I don't know...
  3. New UFO Hunter

    10,000 Pages of Australian UFO Document

  4. Truth Vibrations

    Japanese ministry of defense flying spheres

    Do you think they will use this to spy on us some more?
  5. longhorn

    I consider this to be one of the best authenticated UFO sightings.

    Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denverr Strange objects caught on camera flying over the city and nobody can explain it. We first learned about these sightings when a metro area man, who does not...
  6. New UFO Hunter

    UFOs: The Enigma of Flying Spheres

  7. Truth Vibrations

    George Van Tassel 1964 - Rare UFO-Research Classic OVNI 飞碟 НЛО ユーフォー
  8. Truth Vibrations

    Russell Crowe Claims To Have Caught A UFO On Camera

    I discovered this and wanted to share it. Hollywood actor Russell Crowe claimed that a UFO was caught flying by his camera. He said that the object was flying with several lights on over Sydney’s Botanical Gardens a few days ago. According to the Gladiator actor on his Twitter post, he and his...
  9. New UFO Hunter

    UFO sightings in sky over Denver

    Video of the UFO's are on the attached link. "Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denver Posted on: 9:37 pm, November 8, 2012, by Heidi Hemmat, updated on: 09:57pm, November 8, 2012 Source:
  10. New UFO Hunter

    Nick Pope - UFO's are more likely to be Russian than Alien

    UFOs: Russian or Martian? The piece is on the link ... Speaking to the Today Programme on Friday, the head of UK Air Traffic Control, Richard Deakin said that, typically, his staff would encounter one unidentified flying object per month. But what sort of objects could UFOs be? Nick Pope...
  11. New UFO Hunter

    UFOTV - RODS: A Strange UFO Mystery

    What your thoughts on Rod UFOs? RODS: The Smoking Gun Evidence. See evidence of a newly discovered and previously unknown life form that currently exists on this planet. Presented for the first time in this program is stunning high quality video of "Rods" in flight taken by a production...
  12. New UFO Hunter

    Mothership With Orbs Over London 2011

    This video seems real, the mothership flying over London sometime in 2012.
  13. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Sightings Unidentified Flying Object Captured in HD 2011

    Uploader says: Flying Object Captured in HD 2011 This is an Incredible clear HD Video of an Amazing Flying Saucer! If this isn't 100% Proof What is?
  14. CASPER

    Putting the Bird Back in the Sky

    Here I am— of two minds: all eyes—all ears—for an echo. Driving into the sunset, who is not gold and mining? Who is not a piece of one, son-like in that way? I call you mine and I am yours. The tree lover becomes a...
  15. CASPER

    flying dreams

    I'm Flying" Flying dreams fall under a category of dreams known as lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams occur when you become aware that you are dreaming. Many dreamers describe the ability to fly in their dreams as an exhilarating, joyful, and liberating experience. If you are flying with ease and...