UFO photographed from plane over London

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What was the mysterious object?

A passenger on a commercial flight over the English capital this week caught something unusual on camera.

Photographs of UFOs taken from aircraft tend to be some of the most convincing and this latest case is no exception. The images were captured on camera by a passenger flying over London just four days ago on the morning of May 25th.

The object appears to be flying above the cloudline and resembles a dark-colored disc or cigar-shaped craft with lights on either side. The series of photographs show it flying upwards and off in to the distance towards the right.

The sighting has been generating a great deal of interest since appearing online. Some viewers have suggested that it could be the top of a tall building peeking out through the clouds, however the subsequent shots of the craft moving upwards seem to discount this possibility.

Could this be evidence of otherworldly visitors or is there a more conventional explanation?

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