1. Denise

    Fresh Air is bad for you - Toxic Air Fresheners - The Scent of Danger in the Air

    Breathe deeply, wherever you are, and what do you smell? Chances are you're surrounded by a pleasing scent, whether it's floral, or woodsy, or fruity (Thai Dragon Fruit, anyone?). Or perhaps it's the scent of fresh linen or ocean breeze, or any one of dozens of euphemistically named "air...
  2. Denise

    plastic-coating like substance being peeled off fresh Romaine lettuce leaves

    This really is sickening!!! I know they bleach prepared salads to ensure that they stay fresh but...this really is nauseating!!!
  3. Rumas

    ZERO Investigation Into 911

    Documentary about 9-11 with some fresh insights. ZERO.Investigation.Into.911.avi