1. Truth Vibrations

    The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed!

    ...but are they going to let us have it? Read more here: The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed
  2. Silent Shadow

    OIL is NOT a Fossil Fuel - The Origins of Oil falsely defined in 1892

    Yet another lie to get our money, oil is not rare! Transcript of video:
  3. Denise

    Does San Diego Mystery Odor Portend a Major Earthquake in California?

    SAN DIEGO -- Authorities are continuing to investigate a strong, chemical-like odor that made its way around San Diego County.... ...People began making emergency calls about 2 p.m. Wednesday to report a pervasive and pungent smell variously described as akin to kerosene, diesel fuel, bus...

    NASA Engineers Examine Space Shuttle Discovery Ahead of Repairs

    NASA engineers are beginning their examination of the fuel leak that stalled last week's launch of the space shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station. Engineers are taking steps to remove and inspect the component where the leak was discovered on Discovery's huge orange external...
  5. Unhypnotized

    Car fuel ‘could be made from thin air’

    Tom Chivers London Telegraph Friday, August 6, 2010 Car fuel could be created from thin air using an enzyme from a common soil bacterium, say scientists. It is hoped that this will lead to a cheap way of making environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral ‘green’ fuel that can be used without major...
  6. R

    Bio fuels a big hit these days:

    I have been using bio fuels since 2001 and the befits are staggering: check these sites or just do a random search on the subject to find more info: Posted by ricklbert March 18/2009 Biodiesel Home Heating Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems Fuels: Japan: Biodiesel Fuel Japan Biodiesel...
  7. day

    Platinum nanocrystals boost catalytic activity for fuel oxidation, hydrogen productio

    A research team composed of electrochemists and materials scientists from two continents has produced a new form of the industrially-important metal platinum: 24-facet nanocrystals whose catalytic activity per unit area can be as much as four times higher than existing commercial platinum...
  8. R

    Salt water Fuel

    Interesting havn't heard anything on the news since this clip .YouTube - Salt Water Fuel :biggrin2: