1. Boiling Frog

    Fill you gas tank up with you garden hose? We can do that!

    Would it no be great to use your garden hose to fill up you gas tank? It is possible, cause nothing is impossible! Watch this:
  2. s_coy2005

    Meditation Tecniques

    I would like to know any meditation techniques.. would love to try something new.. My meditation consists of like 5 to 10 minuites of me clearing my mind then mmeditative visualization.. visualizing me being in a garden or visualizing the answers to my problems or things like that.. i wouldnt...


    You see they are not silent Like a row of windows at twilight Or a circle of charred wood, stones You see like dreams they are private No matter the traffic the descriptions Though iridescent between hedge and pine Upright in the garden They never will mirror you Only absorb you Only send...


    I have been taught never to brag but now I cannot help it: I keep a beautiful garden, all abundance, indiscriminate, pulling itself from the stubborn earth. Does it offend you to watch me working in it, touching my hands to the greening tips or tearing the yellow stalks back, so wild the living...

    The October Garden

    If you were zinnia, still bright in the October garden and I the last orange cosmos. If you were catmint blue draping yourself over the cinder block wall and I the weed coming up through gravel. If you were the bamboo pole, listing under the weight of late green tomatoes that will never ripen...