Meditation Tecniques


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I would like to know any meditation techniques.. would love to try something new.. My meditation consists of like 5 to 10 minuites of me clearing my mind then mmeditative visualization.. visualizing me being in a garden or visualizing the answers to my problems or things like that.. i wouldnt mind trying something new....


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I have only ever done one guided technique and it was okay. I have tried to focus or visualize and whatever else. I have a book on meditation techniques but found them all to be really artificial and ... like I'm trying too hard to do something really natural and simple. So I gave up all that fluff and started to do my very own free form meditation. This is the technique: You clear your mind, bring it to absolute stillness and silence. Eventually you find stuff that you never knew existed. You couldn't have guided yourself there if you'd had a map. You may never go there again either because there is just so much out there! Why limit yourself when you can be utterly free?


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I always have embraced a very "organic" approach to meditation. Sit in stillness and focus on the breath. It is the ebb and flow of life itself, never still, a process.


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Sometimes I like to just sit and go into that non-focused comfortable state when staring off into nothingness. It just happens once in a while. I would imagine that's a meditative state.

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If you're going into any form of trance induced by yourself, you're definitely in a meditative state, hold onto it, use it. Some people refer to this as daydreaming.