Arteriosclerosis symptoms Inadequate blood supply in the legs The symptoms of arteriosclerosis vary according to the arteries involved. Signs of inadequate blood supply generally appear first in the legs. There may be numbness and coldness in the feet, and cramps and pains in the legs even...

    Mary, Mary

    Outside the window of my room Big creamy plates of bloom Are spilling smoky seeds. The bees are slurping out there Dazed in hundred proof magnolia. Leathery petals slide Into a jungle rot Alive, alive-oh. Up and down the block The neighbors' pyracantha Is clipped formica neat But my garden That...
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    American Restaurant Syndrome? MSG Symptom Complex

    American Restaurant Syndrome? MSG Symptom Complex For years MSG Symptom Complex has been known in the US by the misnomer Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. We do not use that term anywhere on this site, except this page. The reason is quite simple. Calling this health problem Chinese Restaurant...