1. S

    Global warming often being confused with toxic waste.

    I myself would often have a hard time separating the earth's tempature fluctuations with the real problem of humanity's polluting of the planet with the chemicals with which we are not only ingesting by spraying them on our food supply, but by releasing them into our watersupply. I think the...
  2. D

    Paper To Be Replaced With Digital Debt Currency
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Benjamin Fulford, September 23, 2013

    Gold is just a yellow metal that you cannot eat There has been a lot of frenetic activity in the past week and a lot more turbulence is expected over the coming days as the death throes of the corporate so-called government of the United States continue. There is also so much fog and...
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Global warming? No, actually we're cooling, claim scientists

    Read more: Global warming? No, actually we're cooling, claim scientists - Telegraph The Resident: Al Gore worth $200 million, ties to oil: Published on 8 May 2013
  5. R

    Ten Top Global War Criminals: All non-Muslims!

    Jewish author, Sever Plocker in his book, Stalin’s Jews claimed that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish. That statement seems to be true 80 years after Stalin created the first Jewish state in Russia. Johnny Punish, an American muscian, poet and writer, published a list...
  6. Truth Vibrations

    Nose Tip Proof that the cabal lied about CO2 as the cause of Global Warming

    Obama laughed at during State of The Union speech when referring to global warming "Overwhelming Scientific Evidence"
  7. 100th Monkey

    Global Warming hoax an strategy to control food supply

    Here is how this works, Initially the cabal depict CO2 as undesirable presumably it is the primary reason for Climatic change. Mankind responds and in unison declare a war on climatic change to do away with CO2. The cabal then provide a remedy such as tax and fake charity's and scientific...
  8. 100th Monkey

    Al Gore discusses global warming with Ellen DeGeneresand admits Chemtrails are for blocking the SUN

    Gee I wounder if they are doing this now?
  9. Denise

    The Heart

    This video explains the amazing and vital role our hearts play in our lives, and how our personal energetics shapes our social relationships and ultimately affects global consciousness.
  10. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke- Global warming Its All a Bloody Scam!!!

    Global warming or nowadays its been changed to 'climate change' is all just a bloody scam to increase global taxation systems and bring about the global centralisation more quickly towards the New world Order. David Icke exposes...
  11. New UFO Hunter

    World leaders prepare for discovery of extraterrestrial life in 10 years

    In Davos Switzerland, a prominent ski resort, the world’s business elite are meeting to discuss what to expect over the next 10 years. This year, the annual World Economic Forum meeting runs from January 23 to 27 and business leaders are joined by prominent politicians and central bankers...
  12. Truth Vibrations

    Gov't docs; Global Warming link to MIC Climate Modification

    “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification” This set of documents from 1966 reveals a network of government agencies in perpetual and secret collaboration with each other and the military to Modify the Global climate. Created by the elitist National...
  13. Truth Vibrations

    Weathergirl goes crazy over global warming

    I am not sure if these people are making fun of global warming or for it?
  14. P

    "Global Warming Conference Postponed Due to Snow"

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I found it pretty funny. From back in around 2008: "Officials for the International Organization for Global Warming announced yesterday that their scheduled conference in Oslo, Norway has been cancelled due to an unexpected blizzard, which swept in...
  15. Truth Vibrations

    Global Showdown Escalates Around Obama

    The following statement was released by Congressional Candidate Kesha Rogers TX-22 While condolences pour in from around the world in the wake of the terror bombings in Syria and Russia, President Obama has remained conspicuously silent. By not condemning such violence, the Obama...
  16. 100th Monkey

    The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria

    "Two months ago, James Lovelock, the godfather of global warming, gave a startling interview to in which he acknowledged he had been unduly “alarmist” about climate change. The implications were extraordinary. Lovelock is a world-renowned scientist and environmentalist whose...
  17. Truth Vibrations

    Meltdown - The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse 2010

    Good 3 hours documentary about the (hidden) secret history of the Global Financial Collapse that we're enjoying right this moment. (Part 1/4) (Part 2/4) (Part 3/4) (Part 4/4)
  18. Lady of Light

    Global Earthquakes, fastly on the rise!

  19. Unhypnotized

    Global Genocide: Fukushima HAARP Nuclear Attack

    Global Genocide: Fukushima HAARP Nuclear Attack An interview with Leuren Moret: