1. Truth Vibrations

    Jordan Maxwell Belongings Burnt to the Ground June 18th 2014!

    Support: The Jordan Maxwell Show | The LEGITIMATE Jordan Maxwell Credits video: Vincent Eastwood - YouTube
  2. 100th Monkey

    Five Men At Atomic Ground Zero

    I think this is completely fake, they probably both died and they just want us to believe Nuclear bomb are safe. Videographer Had Bottoms Up View Of Nuclear Blast, Lives To Tell Tale
  3. New UFO Hunter

    Amazing UFO Close to the Ground in Bolivia, 7/7/2012

    This looks amazing, but can it be something other than a UFO?
  4. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Amazing Manouvers Australia

    Unclear whenever this video clip was captured and absolutely no back ground info to be found. ... seems to be very cool though!
  5. Unhypnotized

    Alex Collier - DSGATS

    Defending Sacred Ground Among the Stars A new interview of Alex Collier that I have not seen yet. EnJoy!
  6. R

    Illuminati symbolism at Dance Valley and Ground Zero

    Illuminati symbolism at Dance Valley and Ground Zero September 2/09 Source: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.