1. Truth Vibrations

    FBI admits to drones Surveilling Americans

    Published on 19 Jun 2013 Outgoing FBI Director Robert Muller made history at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today. For the first time ever, an FBI official has gone on the record to acknowledge the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in American airspace for surveillance. Perhaps more...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    NSA chief: We thwarted more than 50 terror attacks

    Published on 18 Jun 2013
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Project camelot: Interview at citizen hearing

    This is Kerry Cassidy's interview of Lt. Col. French at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. PROJECT CAMELOT: LT. COL. FRENCH - INTERVIEW AT CITIZEN HEARING Published on May 13, 2013
  4. 100th Monkey

    Proposal For United Nations To Sponsor A UFO World Conference

    Steven Bassett is not wasting any time moving the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure forward. He is raising the issue to the UN in order to continue the Disclosure movement. http://vimeo.com/65980379
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Citizens Hearing on Disclosure thread

    Here is a Huffington Post article that is being continually updated: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/01/citizen-hearing-on-disclo_1_n_3193161.html Great stuff here! **Moderator note: I merged all threads concerning the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure here and renamed the thread.
  6. Truth Vibrations

    Former Members of Congress to Convene a Citizen Hearing On Disclosure

    Here is an email from Stephen Bassett's Paradigm Research Group on Disclosure:
  7. New UFO Hunter

    The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is Coming

    A theatrical quality documentary will be produced about this event slated for distribution in the Fall of 2013. The goal of this event and documentary is nothing less than ending the ET truth embargo in 2013.
  8. Denise

    Amazing: 29-Year-Old Deaf Girl Hearing Herself For The First Time!

    This video clip is truly emotional. "Uploaded by NEWVIDEOSNET on Sep 30, 2011 "Hello, I was born deaf and 8 weeks ago I received a hearing implant. This is the video of them turning it on and me hearing myself for the first time :"
  9. Lady of Light

    Official Hearing on Population Studies (OSCE)

  10. CASPER

    My Father Adjusts His Hearing Aids

    Once again my old man has gutted his hearing aids. On the table beside him, around the smallest blade of his pocket knife, his hearing aids lay scattered like the scrutinized guts of bugs. Somewhere in those parts—the coils, the discs, the blue copper veins—somewhere in that chaos lies the...