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    Contactee Bonnie Meyer - interviewed on Unraveling the Secrets Radio

    Hi everyone, Should you hot have heard about Bonnie Meyer, here is her fascinating.

    Mother's Hot Sauce Discipline Tactics Land Her in Hot Water

    An Alaska mother who was featured on a "Dr. Phil" episode about "Mommy Confessions" last year has landed herself in some hot water. Last week, Jessica Beagley, who submitted home video footage to the show in an effort to get help in disciplining her child, pleaded not guilty to a child abuse...


    The treatment of wheezing involves the diagnosis of the underlying cause. Without first determining the cause of wheezing, treatment cannot be decided. However, if the wheezing is bothering you, as it will at some point, you can try some home remedies. When your wheezing is in its acute phase...

    House Fires

    A disturbing fact: Most house fires happen between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. Which means you're likely to be asleep, making it that much more important that you know how to save yourself and your family since you won't have much time to plan your escape. If you notice smoke, drop to the floor and begin...