Mother's Hot Sauce Discipline Tactics Land Her in Hot Water


An Alaska mother who was featured on a "Dr. Phil" episode about "Mommy Confessions" last year has landed herself in some hot water.

Last week, Jessica Beagley, who submitted home video footage to the show in an effort to get help in disciplining her child, pleaded not guilty to a child abuse charge after footage from the show showed her forcing her 7-year-old son to drink peppery hot sauce after he misbehaved. The Anchorage mom of six was also shown forcing her child to take a cold shower as a punishment. Beagley and her husband, a police officer, adopted the little boy shown in the video from Russia.

Dr. Phil McGraw , the host of the "Dr. Phil Show," did not agree with the hot sauce/cold shower tactics and since the episode aired last November, viewer complaints about Beagley's disciplinary methods have been rampant.

And because this case involves a Russian adoption it could become even more complicated. Russian adoption authorities have been watching this case closely and if Beagley is found guilty, the young boy-and his twin brother, whom the Beagley's also adopted -- could be sent back to Russia.


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That's sad. I never can understand the hot sauce punishment method: it's cruel and also makes them hate spicy food. Cold showers are also mean. This mother obviously shouldn't have adopted.