1. New UFO Hunter

    Were Authentic Images of the Roswell Aliens FOUND?

    This story was written by Anthony Bragalia, and it may not be true! More: The UFO Iconoclast(s): AUTHENTIC ALIEN IMAGES FROM ROSWELL FINALLY FOUND? by Anthony Bragalia
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Humanoid shapes moving onboard

    Hi all, Pay attention to the primary lights and focus you will see an amazing humanoid shapes moving around. The shapes are visible several parts of this video, the best movement is at around 6:37. 7/1/11
  3. New UFO Hunter

    Mummified Alien body in Peru

    Translation: In 1974, a UFO fell in the Andean Mountains of Peru. One of the three Humanoid found in the interior survived a few hours from the accident. In the first part we went to look for the 4 farmers. that according to the legend observed the humanoid body. We found them.. The humanoid...