Mummified Alien body in Peru

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In 1974, a UFO fell in the Andean Mountains of Peru. One of the three Humanoid found in the interior survived a few hours from the accident. In the first part we went to look for the 4 farmers. that according to the legend observed the humanoid body. We found them..
  • The humanoid presented severe wounds, contusions and burns all over its body.
  • Humanoid appearance of about 3 feet
  • thin constitution
  • Hyper developed cranium
  • asymmetrical limbs
  • hands and feed have 4 fingers and toes lacking nails
  • without sexual organs that denotes its gender
  • eye holes of big size
  • small nose and one Olfactory hole
  • small mouth and without teeth
  • lacking ears. small lateral ear holes

The humanoid survived about 7 hours after being found.