Germany crowns deer-calling champion

    Using ox horns, snail shells and plant stems, eight men and one woman battled each other for the title of German deer calling champion, celebrating a centuries old hunting tradition. Andreas Toepfer was declared the winner on Friday after contestants were judged in three deer-calling...
  2. Unhypnotized

    Hunting, learn how to do it!

    I'm posting this only due to the amazing amount of people that I've spoken to who have never hunted for gone camping. A lot of people are talking about how to preserve food which is great, but all that you take with you will expire or run out at some point, then what? Learn how to get food...
  3. R

    Orb Hunting (Extended Edition)

    Orb Hunting (Extended Edition) YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. - Onthullend en bewustmakend nieuws