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    US Envoy: Saudi Royals sponsoring violence in Iraq

    According to British daily Guardian, Dr. Christopher Robert Hill, former US ambassador to Iraq (2009-2010) in a secret memo to US State Department, has claimed that the ‘Saudi royals’ are behind the on-going bloodshed in Shi’ite-controlled Iraq to counter Iranian influence in the country...
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    Iraqi PM blasts Gen. Casey for lying about Iran

    “Unfortunately, Zionist elements surreptiously control much of American landscape (government infrastructure and mainstream media) and the American people are deceived, allowing for these horrendous crimes to go unchallenged in the public arena,” said Merlin Miller, an American independent movie...
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    Iraq after 10 years

    On March 21, 2013, the Carnegie Endowment for Internation Peace held a conference at its Washington DC offices to discuss the tenth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq on the Jewish religious holiday of Purim, March 19, 2003. The event, titled “America’s Second-Longest War: Taking Stock,”...

    Iraq frees militant linked to British hostages

    BAGHDAD – The Iraqi government has released the leader of a militant Shiite group linked to the 2007 kidnapping of five Britons, a spokesman said Tuesday. Interior Ministry spokesman Alaa al-Taii said Qais al-Khazali was freed on Sunday, following his transfer several days earlier from U.S. to...
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    Iranian forces take over Iraq oil well

    AFP Friday, December 18, 2009 NASIRIYAH, Iraq (AFP) – Iranian forces took control of a southern Iraqi oil well on a disputed section of the border on Friday, US and Iraqi officials told AFP. “There has been no violence related to this incident and we trust this will be resolved through...