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  1. New UFO Hunter

    Majestic 12

    UFO Majestic 12 documentary Written by Jim Marrs, New York Times best-selling author of Crossfire, Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy. This story of scientific discovery presented in this film proves that the official US government position on UFOs has been, and still is, a carefully...
  2. Denise

    UFOs and US Govt Secret Remote Viewing Program by Jim Marrs

    Remember this for all who enjoy Jim's work enjoy Jim Marrs is one of the best researchers in the field of ufology and the conspiracies going on today and the past,,,
  3. New UFO Hunter

    Exopolitics and Secret Societies - Jim Marrs

    There have always been powerful financial interests and secret societies. However, from 1947 to the present day a new player took the field - the "Secret Empire" - the intelligence wing of the military/industrial complex. Jim Marrs, author of the best sellers Crossfire, Alien Agenda and Rule by...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Jesse Ventura to air JFK assassination deathbed confession

    TruTV will air the first TV program to put forward admissions from those involved, and probe deep into the proofs of a conspiracy UPDATE: Former Gov. Jesse Ventura will appear on the Alex Jones Show live today at 11 AM CENTRAL to discuss the JFK Assassination episode of Conspiracy Theory...
  5. Unhypnotized

    Wake Up Call-Documentary

    This 2.5 hour video is a compilation of just about everything that one needs to know to understand what is happening around them. This really is a wake up call. Wake Up Call - Remastered (NEW) - New World Order Documentary 2008 Great compilation of clips from truth documentaries. Some of the...
  6. R

    Download your Free suppressed dvd today links are here:

    For those who would like to download these movies themselves here are the links for you......ricklbert Download your Free suppressed dvd today from Rapidshare links here: ENDGAME - Blueprint for global enslavement An Alex Jones Film Info: Alex Jones is a true patriot, a genuine hero. For...
  7. R

    Project Camelot interviews Joseph Farrell

    Project Camelot interviews Joseph Farrell Nazi International: April 22, 2009 The title of this interview, Nazi International, refers to Joseph Farrell's most recent book, in which he details - as do Camelot witnesses Jim Marrs and Peter Levenda, and many other researchers (including Jim Keith...
  8. R

    Project Camelot Interviews Jim Marrs

    Project Camelot Interviews Jim Marrs Friday, April 17, 2009 Laughlin, Nevada, February 2009 Project Camelot | Jim Marrs Jim Marrs - an amiable Texan with Twinkling eyes and a mind like a steel trap - is a veteran researcher and speaker on all topics connected with the agenda of the New...
  9. R

    2012 - Science Or Superstition

    2012 - Science Or Superstition Tuesday, March 17, 2009 December 21, 2012 is the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The question is what does that mean? Many different books, websites, magazines, researchers and countless others have debated its meaning. Most come up with one of two...
  10. R

    2012 - Science or superstition Monday, February 23, 2009

    2012 - Science or superstition Monday, February 23, 2009 December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in Central America. Count Less books and websites, magazine articles and newspaper headlines debate its meaning, with enthusiasts in...
  11. day

    Gregg Braden and Spiritual Consciousness

    Jim Marrs interviews Gregg Braden on the subject of consciousness and related topics. Jim Marrs is an award-winning journalist and has over 30 years experience with several Texas newspapers. In 1999, he began teaching a course on UFOs, perhaps one of the first university level UFO courses in...
  12. New UFO Hunter

    The UFO and JFK assassination link

    Posted Friday, November 21, 2008, at 9:58 PM A conspiracy is a secret agreement among a group of people attempting to conceal something. The two biggest conspiracies in our lifetimes, if true, are the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the cover-up of the presence of extraterrestrial beings...