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  1. Unhypnotized

    MSNBC Asserts Violent Rhetoric Exclusively From Right; Two Months Ago Featured Guest Calling for Violent Revolution From Left

    MSNBC Jan 9, 2011 On January 8th MSNBC guests Eugene Robinson and Josh Marshall, along with host Keith Olbermann, soberly assured their viewers that violent, political rhetoric is exclusive to the American right. Two months earlier, on November 8th, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan called for a new...
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    Political Mischaracterization of Fluoridation Opposition Dismays Scientists

    Related: Olbermann Slams Tea Party Senate Candidate For Voting Against Water Fluoridation PRNewswire June 23, 2010 Scientists representing the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) strongly object to recent mischaracterizations of fluoridation opponents by political pundits Rachel Maddow, Keith...
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    [Info!] To Greenpeace Global Warming Skeptics: "We Know Where You Live"

    To Greenpeace Global Warming Skeptics: "We Know Where You Live" Will CNN and MSNBC devote weeks of endless coverage to the violent extremist threat posed by radical greenies? Paul Joseph Watson Prison Monday, April 5, 2010 An article carried by the official Greenpeace website...
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    Corporations are not Human Beings!

    Last weeks decision handed down by the Supreme Court to give corporations the same status as people has far reaching consequences basically designed to destroy whats left of democracy in America. We need to make this video go viral so people understand what's been done and encourage everyone to...
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    Countdown: Detroit bomber intel failure: ‘Conspiracy or cock up?’

    Diana Sweet Raw Story Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 On Monday evening’s edition of MSNBC’s Countdown with host Keith Olbermann, guest Richard Wolffe discusses the nation’s intelligence gathering associated with the Flight 253 ‘underpants bomber,’ Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and serious questions...
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    Warmonger Barak Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize??

    Hi Everybody, Barak Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this morning. I say awarded as in this case I can't say that he won it on merit, but that's another story. The cut off date for nominations for the award is in the February before the award, two weeks after Obama took office. Go...