1. Catspaw56

    Summer Travels

    I guess the title isn't entirely accurate, but I think everyone will get the idea. So my daughter and I took my grandkids traveling this year. At the end of May, we took a day trip down to Great Sand Dunes National Park. Medano Creek was running high and warm. The kids, fresh from passing...
  2. W


    Hi everyone thanks for allowing me to join I am from Trinidad and Tobago and a man who loves to investigate stuff not just take what someone tells me. I am married with two kids, a Police officer , minister of religion, open minded though.
  3. 100th Monkey

    Air Force Veteran working with Defense Department on top secret project died hiking with his 2 sons

    Perhaps I am discovering conspiracies almost everywhere I look, however the thing that grabbed my attention about this news report is a specific quote coming from his father-in-law: More here: Little weird if you ask me!
  4. 2

    "neighbors" A mini Rant

    "neighbors" The reason I put quotes around the title is we have no neighbors, at least not good ones, that is. While some of the things have that have gone on in this complex have gone away since my last posting about the neighbors and we are under new management. There's still a few things...
  5. Denise

    Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

    It's a good thing the kids war too heavy! WOW!
  6. 2

    Feeling trapped:Currently no way out

    Been awhile since I posted, but here goes another post. How many of you have rented? Well unfortunately where we rent we have never met the landlord, we deal directly with this stupid property management company. Whose recent major accomplishment has to raise the rent on my widowed 80 year...
  7. s_coy2005

    TV for Kids??? What are your thoughts?

    I have sat down to watch cartoons and movies "For kids". Ive watched recent movies, and sows that say they are "for kids". Ive looked and Ive noticed that with all the shows ive looked at there are always some adult themes, persuasion, within these shows... To me it seems that tv REALLY ISNT...
  8. Denise

    Rfid chip on utah news

    On May 29 2012 the news in Utah aired this segment on the RFID chip. The government wants chip kids to get them to go to school. They say that it's to bring revenue to the school district. People in Mexico are already using it on their kids beause of kidnappers. Meny people think that the...
  9. White Rabbit

    Seseme Street Advertizement

    Here is another emergency preparedness ad... this one is aimed at kids.
  10. W

    Kids Caring for Other Kids

    There has been a bit of a stir caused in the UK right now because a mother was given a caution for leaving her 14 year old looking after her toddler for 30 minutes. How old do you think kids need to be to care for younger siblings?