1. Boiling Frog

    Amnesty International: Free man sentenced to death in Pakistan for breaking blasphemy laws

    Most of our prisons are filled with mentally ill people who do not deserve to be there. Source: Pakistan: Free man sentenced to death for blasphemy | Amnesty International
  2. 100th Monkey

    Firearm laws and regulations per state: Interactive map

    The following website offers an interactive graph displaying the various firearm laws and regulations for each state. Mouse over a state in the circle.
  3. 2

    [Attention] This Ridiculous Law May Start-Up "Copycat" Laws?

    wellington-kansas-makes-national-newscast-for-oddball-cat-law by Tracy McCue,Sumner Newscow Just another attempt at more control over peoples lives and to know what's going on in your personal life. if you ask. Looks like Wellington KS. done themselves proud and got themselvsome hardcore...
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Inside Story Americas - Video: Does the US need stricter gun control laws?

    More information going around the internet about gun control. Published on 21 Jul 2012 by AlJazeeraEnglish Not again - that was the cry of many Americans when they turned on their morning news on Friday. At least 12 people were killed and dozens wounded when a man wearing a gas mask and body...
  5. 100th Monkey

    Watch the everyday Slinky 'defy' the laws of physics and gravity (but try not to go loopy)

    This is really fascinating: 22 June 2012 ..It's a childhood toy that we have probably all seen - but watch it in slow-motion, and the Slinky appears to defy the laws of physics., a site which wants to share the wonders of science through close-up and slow-motion, gives us a...
  6. Denise

    1959 Donald in Mathmagic Land

    Donald wanders into a magical land where the beauty of the laws of mathematics unfold before him.
  7. Unhypnotized

    Freedom - by Veronica

    Iis a small book that will inform you about the two type of Laws, the Laws of the land and the Laws of the sea. It will reprogram you with "Common sens" that we have the right to live and to take. It will explain to you how to withdraw your consent from the judiciary system. And much more...
  8. Unhypnotized

    Supreme Court: Corporations Can Spend What They Want in Political Races Friday, January 22nd, 2010 Via: MSNBC: In a landmark ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday struck down laws that banned corporations from using their own money to support or oppose candidates for public office. By 5-4 vote, the court overturned federal laws, in effect for...
  9. R

    After attacks, Europe hurries to tighten gun laws

    March 11th, 2009 in Breaking News, Disarming Civilians After attacks, Europe hurries to tighten gun laws. HELSINKI – Several European countries have restricted gun laws in the wake of school massacres, gang violence and other gun-related crimes: _Finland announced plans Wednesday to impose...