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    Suleiman: ‘Israel behind Beirut bombing’

    On Friday, Lebanese Christian President Michel Suleiman blamed the Zionist regime for the deadly car bombing in the Southern suburb of Beirut on August 15, which killed 21 and injured more than 250 people. “This a criminal act that bears the fingerprints of terrorism and Israel, and is aimed to...
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    Nasrallah predicts US-Israel defeat in Syria

    On May 25, 2013, Lebanese of different faiths celebrated 13th anniversary of the Liberation Day (a national holiday) – in the memory of the retreat of the Jewish army and defeat of its Lebanese Christian proxy, Philangist terrorists, in May 2000. In his Liberation Day address to the Lebanese...
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    Obama’s Jewish envoy in Lebanon on ‘Israeli bidding’

    President Barack Hussein Obama’s special adviser for the Muslim-majority Middle East, Gulf region and North Africa – Philip Gordon, a pro-Israel radical Zionist Jew is in Lebanon to meddle in June 16 parliamentary election. On Tuesday, Gordon met Lebanon’s Christian President Michel Sleiman...
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    Lebanese army on high alert at Israeli border.

    Lebanese army on high alert at Israeli border. presstv July 21st, 2009 in Breaking News, Troop Movement The Lebanese army has put its forces on high alert in response to the escalation of tensions over the establishment of an Israeli military outpost along the country’s border. A Lebanese TV...
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    Israel responds to Lebanon rocket

    Israeli soldiers examine the remains of a rocket fired from Lebanon A rocket fired from Lebanon has lightly wounded three people in northern Israel, the Israeli army says. Lebanese security sources said that three rockets had been fired from southern Lebanon but two had landed inside...