1. Truth Vibrations

    A Nice Alan Watts Inception Mashup

  2. 2

    [Update!] how things are going

    Well Friday was rather an upsetting day. My friend was about to be discharged from the Home Health Care service provided by the hospital. Her Occupational was going to do the discharge when she took the vitals. (This person is very nice she's the one gave us some Borax for the roaches we got...
  3. P

    Saying hello

    Hello, nice to join.
  4. Denise

    "The Shift" by Grandma, Dolores Cannon

    A nice message from Dolores Cannon:
  5. E


    Nice to be here! :nevreness:
  6. H

    Hi guys!

    Hello from Katrina country ! Nice to be here. This looks like it might be an interesting place.
  7. funbunz29

    [Wow!] hello all!

    sorry wizzard i couldn't reply to u yet waiting for u to accept me first. ty everyone for having me on the forum site i will try my best from my teachers it will take me a while but willing to learn. have a nice day! : D funbunz
  8. Unhypnotized

    Crop Circles Website with Photo's

    This site has pictures of crop circles, they are very nice looking pictures!
  9. R


    Very nice i will take some time to get use to this but very nice indeed..........ricklbert One thing when posting in dark gray skin the words are black and cant read what i am posting
  10. Unhypnotized

    An unsinkable yacht is something I've read about if we get earth changes... This company produces some nice yachts... the ETAP 46Ds looks rather nice :) oh yes they are also unsinkable even if the hull is holed. No idea how much they are new a few £100,000s... but I have an ebay search just in case ;) there was a 37 foot one which is 2...
  11. FACE33

    Hello All Nice new site

    A little bit of a twist .. I'll do some reading & try to contribute ..Cheers:)