1. New UFO Hunter


    A MUST WATCH VIDEO "This video explores the secrecy surrounding the greatest cover-up of all time, presenting an overview of the UFO phenomenon, aliens, abductions, disclosure, and hyperdimensional realities. Based on "UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact" by Bernhard Guenther"
  2. Denise

    Amazing - 2 Suns Appeared In Taiwan

    The Taiwanese news says 2 suns amazingly made an appearance on the horizon. The look was taken with a fisherman's cell phone, nevertheless it was obvious enough. People in Taiwan were feared the finish around the globe is originating or doomsday is near. Nevertheless the government advised the...
  3. New UFO Hunter

    Fiery UFO?

    The objects featured during these two videos seem to be pretty similar. Anybody have ideas by what they could be or what's leading to the phenomenon? UFO caught on tape in Mexico (2011) UFO July 7, 2011, Georgia, USA
  4. Lady of Light

    Landslide causes tsunamis off the coast of Cornwall "An underwater landslide off the Cornish coast has caused "bizarre" conditions including tsunami waves and static in the air across the south of the UK. Witnesses said the sudden movement around 200 miles out to sea caused the tide to...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real

    Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body), and an insider close to the Pope, has gone on Italian national television five times to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. Balducci provided an analysis of extraterrestrials that he...
  6. Unhypnotized

    Alex Jones: Keynote Speaker at the 'TALKERS' Conference...

    Alex Jones - Talkers Magazine 2011 Keynote Speech Alex Jones gives the keynote speech at the Talkers Magazine New Media Seminar, held in New York City and attended by prominent media personalities as well as other industry movers and shakers. Introducing the speech, fellow talk radio host...
  7. New UFO Hunter

    Tunguska, The Russian Roswell

    In Phenomenon: The Lost Archives -- Tunguska, the Russian Roswell, viewers investigate the destruction of 200 square miles of Siberian forest just prior to the Russian Revolution in 1908. Was it, in fact, the impact of an asteroid that caused the explosion? Or was it the crash site of a UFO? enjoy!
  8. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Spiral seen in Canada

    UFO phenomenon reported in Western Canada. The footage shows a spiral light similiar to what was seen in norway
  9. Denise

    Archangel Michael: A Light Epidemic Is Sweeping the Earth

    Beloved masters, there is a Light epidemic whereby every person on Earth is being bombarded by the refined frequencies of God Light; however, each person can only absorb and integrate the frequencies of Light that their physical vessels can accommodate. You must be able to metabolize...
  10. New UFO Hunter

    The FBI-Roswell UFO Crash Memo Clarified

    VICTOR: INTRODUCTION: Here is the correct information regarding the reported two (2) or three (3) crashed alien craft and sites: BACKGROUND: In late 1979, Lyle Roff, a retired FBI employee was interviewed by Bill Moore, who was co-author of the first Roswell book, "The Roswell Incident."...
  11. New UFO Hunter

    CLOSE Shape-Shifting UFO! June 4, 2011 Pennsylvania

    What do you think of this: You Tuber seeingUFOsPA's comments: Big Bastard can't make up his mind what shape he wants to be. Find me a real aircraft that can do this AND FILM IT TO PROVE IT plus prove it was here ON RADAR and I'll eat your hat. 2 on this video only of at least 20 flying...
  12. New UFO Hunter

    Everything about reptilians, draconians.

    This was posted by Cybersurf on the DIF. The following article appeared in the JUNE 1996 issue of FATE Magazine, and has been reproduced here with express permission from FATE. This article, "The Reptilians: Humanity's Historical Link to the Serpent Race" is copyright FATE Magazine and cannot...
  13. New UFO Hunter

    Some Recent UFOs (June 2011)

    1. UFO battles on video 2. Japanese, UFO Dubbed, Face of Death 3. VERY BIZARRE UFO FLEET OVER AUSTRALIA JUNE 3RD 2011 4. UFO Multiple activity over Melbourne Australia June 2nd 2011 5. UFO on the Sun SOHO STEREO Ahead June 2, 2011. 6. NV UFO - ZIG ZAG raw footage 7. ufo over head...
  14. New UFO Hunter

    WOW is this a natural phenomenon?

    I discovered this interesting video. Very Norwegian spiral like. Let's disregard the UFO floating by in daytime... hold back until the vid changes to evening time.. what's that coming ? Will it be considered a missile launch or something like that like this ? Has anybody seen anything similar...
  15. Unhypnotized

    homeopathic MMS - latest newsletter on MMS

    the latest newsletter about jim humbles MMS deals with the question of homeopathic MMS. heres a copy. ---------------------------------------------------- MMS as a Homeopathic Remedy? We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing get quite a lot of questions each...
  16. New UFO Hunter

    Awesome UFO sightings must see

    Could they be HERE? This video has some interesting sightings of UFO’S. They are sightings and strange phenomenon that's been happening around the globe, with recent pictures of sightings this year! This Really Is great!!!
  17. New UFO Hunter

    Fbi files say 8000 cows mutilated & abducted

    Fbi files say 8000 cows mutilated & abducted (april 2011) The Ox-Files: 'Mass cow sacrifices by aliens' sent White House into panic, FBI records reveal. Cows were sacrificed by aliens sending the White House into a panic declassified FBI files have revealed. It is claimed that more than...
  18. New UFO Hunter

    Alien Encounters: Disney UFO Video Raises Questions

    Mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in history â actual contact with intelligent life from other planets. For nearly 50 years, officials have been documenting routine alien encounters here on earth, and thousands of people have seen or experienced this alien presence. Yet many...
  19. CASPER

    How the Arab Spring Made Bin Laden an Afterthought

    There were no banners hailing Osama bin Laden in Egypt's Tahrir Square; no photos of his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri at anti-government protests in Tunisia, Libya or even Yemen, a key staging ground for Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and bin Laden's ancestral home. An occasional image would...
  20. L


    The sun holds incredible power, within it are vast of energies, which not only flows but is raging and waiting to be discovered for the benefits of mankind. It helps us evolve as creatures in this universe. The best way to fully utilize the sun is through sungazing. The sungazing is a...