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Big Bastard can't make up his mind what shape he wants to be. Find me a real aircraft that can do this AND FILM IT TO PROVE IT plus prove it was here ON RADAR and I'll eat your hat. 2 on this video only of at least 20 flying around last night CLOSE. Maybe 2 DOZEN or more, haven't had time to count 'em -- and HAVE THEM ON VIDEO. Around here (and verifiable on and BARE EYES), it is DAYTIME hours mostly that has some REAL MAN-MADE airtraffic in our skies (and not much at that) -- CLEARLY heard most times, except at 20,000 - 45,000 ft when it's quieter and delayed.

More video in both color and nightvision will show at least SIX craft with HEADLIGHTS FACING US lowering into another hilltop to our left that is also a heavily wooded, secluded area with old coal mines underground, with no roads to drive up and see them in there, NO airport beyond it to use as an excuse for such behavior ... and most importantly -- NO LANDING PAD FOR man-made aircrafts -- only a cleared area with a gas well!

Sorry if this is freaking you out or making you say "no way!", but seriously folks -- check with or and read UFO reports coming in -- though keep in mind it is merely a taste of the large volume that is actually flying around REGULARLY WORLDWIDE. Check my channel page for others in various locations who have recognized them like I did and have managed to capture them on video. Consumer-grade recording equipment is not well-suited for night-time aerial phenomenon recording and some will not understand why we think these are alien UFOs and not just planes or helicopters from these flat images.... BUT seeing IN PERSON and checking locations from MULTIPLE ANGLES at the same time by MULTIPLE EYE WITNESSES clears up any disbelief fairly quickly (takes a while to let it sink in -- took me 4 months to figure it out myself in 2009 -- and I had dozens of them flying past large windows all the time and playing back surveillance tapes to see the invisible orbs whizzing around).

It's been 2 full-time years of me chasing these suckers around to observe their behavior. I can tell from UFO reports and videos, that whoever these guys are, most of the sightings seem related to this SAME GROUP. The same group that was predicted by Dr. Bruce Cornet who studied Pine Bush, NY UFOs to "increase in numbers worldwide". He was correct in predicting that! Whether or not they are same alien race is yet to be determined as I, nor anyone I know personally has seen the occupants (if any, they might be remotely controlled) exit the crafts. If different, they must mostly get along with each other to share such small areas to hang out in... They seem to prefer WOODED AREAS and/or mountain.. Hey, maybe they don't have trees where they come from? They mostly seem interested in our vegetation around here or just maybe use it for cover...

What to look for -- too many "meteors" falling (especially headed to same area) when no 'regular' meteor showers are listed. Large clusters in sky in close proximity of close "blinkies" or blinking dots (to confuse you into thinking is far off aircraft lights). TOO MANY what appears to be aircraft in your skies when for years, you have very little... FIREBALLS or MOVING/DISAPPEARING STARS... They have even been seen to mimic streetlights (no poles of course) tower beacon lights (no towers) and even BOATS (Taranto, Italy and Hudson Bay, NY) They have a large bag of tricks, this type, and use 'em all to continue doing what they love to do -- FAKE OUT HUMANS and fly around without us knowing it.