Pirate threatens India after capture of 61 pirates

    MOGADISHU, Somalia – Five dozen pirates living on a hijacked ship serving as a roving pirate base jumped into the Arabian Sea on Monday after the Indian navy fired on the vessel in self-defense, the navy said Monday. The navy captured 61 pirates fleeing the battle and the fire that broke out...

    [Rant] 4 American hostages killed by pirates, US says

    NAIROBI, Kenya – Four Americans taken hostage by Somali pirates off East Africa were shot and killed by their captors Monday, the U.S. military said, marking the first time U.S. citizens have been killed in a wave of pirate attacks plaguing the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean for years. U.S...
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    Somali pirates capture huge tanker taking oil to US

    Somali pirates capture huge tanker taking oil to US International navy patrols have not managed to halt pirate attacks.Pic courtesy BBC News Somali pirates have captured a tanker carrying oil to the US, officials say. The Greek-owned Maran Centaurus was about 1,300km (800 miles) off...