1. 2

    I know I haven't been....

    Ironic isn't it? I know I wasn't posting much because of the greed that our local city officials have the disregard for it's residents. I'm sure the money they're saving on the wi-fi is probably going directly into their pockets, as well as little deals with Cable and At&T. I mean this isn't...
  2. Lady of Light

    Three (3) Word Story (Just For Fun)

    I thought I'd give this a go here on Unhypnotize. Lot's of sites have this type of thing, and it really is JUST FOR FUN! The rules are simple, you can only post 3 words at a time, no double posting (same user posting twice in a row, someone else must post in between), an keep it clean (no...
  3. Boiling Frog

    16,022 Ron Paul Votes Stolen by Voting Machines...Watch Diebold Maching in ACTION!

    Just to spread the word i am posting this:
  4. New UFO Hunter

    Morphing UFO - Mexico 2010

    Hello everyone, Just came across this video footage although it may be outdated I couldn't avoid posting it . . . sorry if this had been posted in UHF previously...
  5. B

    [Awesome!] Hey all!

    Hi all, BigMac is here! I'm 17 and I'm from Birmingham in the UK. I enjoy Sports and Gaming, as well as online things such as posting on forums. :D Hope to have a lot of fun here with you guys! :)
  6. Truth Vibrations

    Hi Everyone

    newbie here just posting to say hello
  7. R

    [Cool!] "Wow" nice to see everyone posting!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone it is great to see everyone posting the past few weeks i know i have not been around a lot . It is great to see anyhow, the community has grown and there is change in the air truly a sign of everyones hard work.............ricklbert :thumb_yello::):):dance3::dance3::insane:
  8. R

    Newbie Here!

    Hi All, I am new to this forum so thought to introduce myself, i am ridhi from india and interested in Internet Surfing & Forum Posting. As i thought forum posting is one of the best way to enhance knowledge and grab new things, that is the reason me joined this forum, Hope to learn a lot from...
  9. R


    Very nice i will take some time to get use to this but very nice indeed..........ricklbert One thing when posting in dark gray skin the words are black and cant read what i am posting
  10. KoWBoY


    Hello from WV/OH. The site looks good and I look forward to reading and posting.