1. Truth Vibrations

    US Explodes with 100 anti-NSA protests

    'Americans outraged by the federal government’s spying programs took to the streets on Independence Day for “Restore the Fourth” protests in an estimated 100 American cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Memphis and Miami, plus international...
  2. White Rabbit

    Oakland police may face sanctions over handling of Occupy protests (May 2, 2012)

    By Mary Slosson Wed May 2, 2012 12:24am EDT A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the city of Oakland and its police department to submit a plan within a week to address a backlog of complaints stemming from their handling of Occupy protests, threatening sanctions if they fail to do so. The...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Protests in Oman Spread

    NADA BAKRI NY Times Feb 28, 2011 BEIRUT, Lebanon — Demonstrators blocked roads and clashed with police on Monday in*Oman, the normally quiet oil-rich country along the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, as three-day-old protests calling for political reforms and better living...
  4. R

    Hundreds of thousands march in French protests

    March 19th, 2009 in Breaking News, Economic Crisis Hundreds of thousands march in French protests. PARIS (Reuters) – Hundreds of thousands of people across France Thursday began protests expected to draw at least a million demonstrators to the streets to denounce President Nicolas Sarkozy’s...
  5. R

    Calgary Protests Bush - March 17, 2009

    Calgary Protests Bush - March 17, 2009 .........ricklbert Warning some nasty language in this next post....