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    Fidel Castro: ‘Iran is beacon of hope for the world nations’

    During his recent visit to four Latin American countries – Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad had a three-hour long private meeting with former Cuban President Fidel Castro 85, in Havana. Later, Ahmadinejad also met Fidel Castro’s younger brother and current Cuban President Raul Castro. During...
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    Ahmadinejad visits Latin America – Zionists Fret

    Iran’s President Dr. Ahmadinejad is scheduled to visit four Latin American countries this month to boost trade and technical co-operation with them. The news has sent a wave of shiver in the Zionist Lobby circles which are projecting the visit as Iran’s desperate move to build influence in the...
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    Carter: ‘I can do better than Kissinger’

    On March 3, 2011 – Former US Secretary of State (1973-77), Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, sent a letter to US Presideni Barack Obama asking him to pardon the convicted Jewish-American spy, Jonathan Pollard. Pollard is in prison since 1985. Now, former President Jimmy Carter along with his wife...

    Cuba protests US screening of airline passengers

    HAVANA – Cuba summoned the top U.S. diplomat on the island Tuesday to protest extra screening for Cuban citizens flying into the United States, calling the rule a "hostile action" meant to justify America's trade embargo. The new dispute comes after several setbacks that have all but snuffed...
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    Cuba: military exercise braces island for US attack

    AFP Sunday, Nov 22nd, 2009 Nearly 50 years after a botched US-directed invasion of Cuba, the communist nation said Saturday it is holding a military exercise next week to boost preparedness against any future US attack. “It is a necessity of the first order given the political-military...
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    Obama Conspiracy Theories Become Facts

    THE BREAKDOWN OF US, WORLD ECONOMY.....ricklbert Obama Conspiracy Theories Become Facts Posted in: Sher Zieve By Sher Zieve Monday, March 23, 2009 In a move that would have seemed both unconscionable and unbelievable less than a year ago, the Obama Administration has announced that it will...