1. R

    Hizbullah goes offensive

    Hizbullah, as part of Shia Amal, began as a welfare organisation in the 1980s. During the Israeli occupation and Lebanon civil war, Hizbullah established an armed resistance wing. After it forced the Jewish occupation force and its Lebanese Christian militant proxy to withdraw from South Lebanon...
  2. R

    Hizbullah to stay the most powerful Resistance

    Two days ago, European Union’s 28-member block decided to enlist Hizbullah’s armed wing as terrorist organization. The decision proved once again that EU is nothing but a political/financial arm of the US and Israel. The decision has become a butt of jokes on the social media sites, especially...
  3. R

    Nasrallah predicts US-Israel defeat in Syria

    On May 25, 2013, Lebanese of different faiths celebrated 13th anniversary of the Liberation Day (a national holiday) – in the memory of the retreat of the Jewish army and defeat of its Lebanese Christian proxy, Philangist terrorists, in May 2000. In his Liberation Day address to the Lebanese...
  4. Unhypnotized

    V TV series and the Lion of Judah

    I was watching V episode 3 and the leader of the V's 5th column of resistance was called john may, it was scrawled on a door in a scene after an alien met a violent end. Then I remember the Lyndsey Williams lecture with a guy who was the rightful king of England and who was arrested on...