Hizbullah goes offensive


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Hizbullah, as part of Shia Amal, began as a welfare organisation in the 1980s. During the Israeli occupation and Lebanon civil war, Hizbullah established an armed resistance wing. After it forced the Jewish occupation force and its Lebanese Christian militant proxy to withdraw from South Lebanon in 2000, Hizbullah enrolled itself as a political party, while maintaining its welfare and armed resistance wings. In 2006, Hizbullah’s armed resistance wing defeated 30,000-strong invading Jewish army.

So far, all Hizbullah armed resistance has been defensive. But a few months ago, when it decided to defend Shia communities along Lebanon-Syrian border and religious shrines in Damascus – it changed its strategy from defensive to offensive.

In May, Hizbullah fighters fought along-side Syrian army during the 17-day assault on Qusair, and succeeded in flushing out the Zionist-world’s supported rebels from the region. This came as a great shock to the western capitals and Israel. This event also marked the first time Hizbullah has launched a major offensive operation in an urban environment putting into new practice its new training techniques mastered since 34-day war with Israel in 2006.

In February 2011, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah warned the Zionist regime that in the event war was imposes on Lebanon in future, “Hizbullah fighters will enter Israeli border to liberate Galilee (Golan Heights)”.

The European Union, which resisted pressure from the US, Britain and Israel for years to declare Hizbullah a ‘terrorist organization’ – finally sccumbed to pressure and declared Hizbullah’s ‘military wing’ as ‘terrorist organization’ on July 23, 2013. However, the EU’s submission to the pro-Israel western governments did not bring joy to Benjamin Netanyahu or the Jewish Lobby.

On July 23, Zionist prime minister Netanyahu slammed EU for not declaring all three wings of Hizbullah as “terrorists”. Zionist Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, took the credit for the EU decision.

On August 8, 2013, Samuel Westrop with the Jewish Gatestone Institute, wrote: “By preserving contact with, and funding of, Hizbullah’s “political wing” without substantial measures against its “military wing”, the EU not only legitimizes Hizbullah’s “political” leadership, but also promotes the entire organization as an important actor in both Lebanese politics and the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Nedim Shehadi, an Associate Fellow at the London-based Jewish advocacy group, Catham House, said: “They (the EU) distinguish between between the military and political wing when in reality there is not much distinction. But it’s a way of creating constructive ambiguity to maintain engagement at the same time at the same time as sending a strong message.”

What these idiot don’t tell their readers that Hizbullah is not only considered “the defender of Lebanon” by a great majority of country’s Muslim and Christian population – but Hizbullah also leads the March 8 Opposition Alliance of political parties in Lebanon. Hizbullah has 11 members in the Lebanese parliament. That makes it almost impossible for any government to survive without Hizbullah participation.

Several EU members have military units within UN peace-keeping force along Lebanon-Israel borders which could become an easy targets in case Israel decides to attack Lebanon. Last year, warmongering Netanyahu threatened that Jewish army intends to wipe Lebanon from the map.

Lebanese university professor Amal Saad-Grayeb, Ph.D, in the video below discusses Hizbullah role in countering Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Syria – and EU’s recent misguided action.

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