1. Unhypnotized

    Tens of thousands of sharks mysteriously congregate off Florida coast

    Jonathan Benson Natural News Thursday, February 10, 2011 (NaturalNews) Helicopter pilot Steve Irwin recently caught an amazing aerial view of what he says were tens of thousands of sharks congregating just south of Palm Beach, Florida. Though it is common for sharks to migrate from colder to...
  2. Unhypnotized

    Bull Sharks Spotted Swimming Down the Main Street in Goodna - 30km From the Coast

    01-15-2011 06:55 AM 'Butcher Steven Bateman spotted two bull sharks swimming near his Goodna shop yesterday - one of several reports of a sharks in Goodna's main street. Ipswich local councillor Paul Tully confirmed it was a bizarre but true story out of Queensland's flood disaster. "It would...