Tens of thousands of sharks mysteriously congregate off Florida coast


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Jonathan Benson
Natural News
Thursday, February 10, 2011

(NaturalNews) Helicopter pilot Steve Irwin recently caught an amazing aerial view of what he says were tens of thousands of sharks congregating just south of Palm Beach, Florida. Though it is common for sharks to migrate from colder to warmer waters this time of year, what Irwin saw was nothing short of strange, as he said that countless sharks were circling around in waters where there were no visible bait-fish.

“It was truly an amazing sight,” Irwin told reporters at the U.K. Daily Mail. “I’ve been a fisherman for 20 years and I also kayak out there and it’s common to see [sharks] twist and turn and shoot through the air. They’re prevalent at this time of year but what amazed me was the sheer numbers of them.”

Owner and operator of Island Marine Services in Fort Pierce, Fla., Irwin estimates that an astounding 100,000 sharks were densely packed in the shallow waters about 100 yards off the coastline for at least 20 straight miles. But the circumstances of the event are confusing, explained Irwin, because there was no specific reason why the sharks decided to stop in the area for so long.

“It’s common to see large predatory sharks come in and feed on schools of bait-fish,” he said. “The odd thing was I didn’t see any bait-fish at all!”

This shark phenomenon could be somehow related to the many other strange events involving animals, including the unexplained fish and bird deaths that have occurred in recent months (http://www.naturalnews.com/030985_m…). However, it is difficult to say at this point whether or not there is any correlation, as the increase in shark numbers and lack of bait-fish could just be a simple coincidence.

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Simply astonishing. The question is WHY? Why were these sharks congregating in such large numbers last year? IS it the same reason that the large numbers of fish and birds died? Was there some sort of frequency making this happen?

I think there was. I think it's very likely they are linked (the dead birds, dead fish, and the large group of sharks). Could very well be HAARP. Could also be that they spread something in certain areas causing these events to take place. You know, like a chemical that would attract these sharks to the area. It would make sense for the dead animals too. Effecting the sharks differently because they are much larger than the fish and in a more different location so the chemical may or may not have been acting alone.

I think it was a chemical or a bunch of mixed chemicals, with the help of HAARP, or whatever other frequency altering technology they're using, that caused the extremely unusual massive grouping of the sharks off the coast of Florida last February.


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That is one location I am not going to be swimming in.


That close up is beautiful, but I am not going near the water. :)


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That is one heck of a lot of sharks, I bet there are real hungry to!

Do doubt hungry, but most likely angry too. Especially if there was a source frequency that brought them there in larger numbers than normal. All I know is, I wouldn't purposely go near that congregation, that's for sure.

100th Monkey

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Well apparently the US government tests all kinds of frequency weapons underwater, it's apparently the same reason why dolphins and whales are beaching themselves onshore. It's no doubt the sharks are affected by the same weapons, I'm sure they have HAARP like weapons on the underwater vehicles, for what purpose remains to be seen.