1. Lionnessalone

    [Help!] is everyone a snake among the grass?

    I just recently found, that my best friend in the world, who I have known all my life. Is a snake... my heart is hurt because she has been the only one to be there for me throughout my whole life... how do you get over something like that... I'm heartbroken how can you trust someone who's only...
  2. Boiling Frog

    Filmmaker Oliver Stone turns on Obama

    Oliver Stone call Barry a snake! wow!


    Ends: of summer; time in the country; time before departures. Time tapers to a snake that slides invisibly off into the long grass of the world, though such a narrowed notion fails to scratch the itch lodged in between impatiently waiting for something new to happen and clinging to what, having...

    The History of Forgetting

    The History of Forgetting When Adam and Eve lived in the garden they hadn't yet learned how to forget. For them every day was the same day. Flowers opened, then closed. They went where the light told them to go. They slept when it left, and did not dream. What could they have remembered, who...