[Help!] is everyone a snake among the grass?


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I just recently found, that my best friend in the world, who I have known all my life. Is a snake... my heart is hurt because she has been the only one to be there for me throughout my whole life... how do you get over something like that... I'm heartbroken how can you trust someone who's only means is to be your friend just because it benefits them??
Unfortunately, sometimes these things happen. I bet if you think back, and go over everything together and remember conversations and actions, you'll see the points where she let it show through at other times. It's not something that is easy to get over, and it's not meant to be either. But, that doesn't mean close yourself off to everyone, because there are people out there who are worthy. She may not be, but others are. Besides, to lose this so-called friend is something you need, for whatever the reason; perhaps it is so that you can grow and to help you to fix all else that is happening that is not right. She may have just been part of the negative that was hanging on that you don't need, even if she seemed she wasn't.

To rid yourself of beings/entities that only feed off of you and your energy only brings benefit to you, even if you feel it's hard getting over the emotional aspect of it. You will realize, I know you will, and you will be more healed and be able to fend off such creatures in the future.

I hope that makes sense. :)
Thank you, now that I think about it, She was very judgmental, always telling me what I needed to do with my life. You need to get a job, you need to stop doing this, you need to start doing that. I don't need people in my life who tell me what to do, I ask for people in my life who show support and care. Give me advice that I can think about and learn from, not shove down my throat...