1. Truth Vibrations

    Benjamin Fulford, September 23, 2013

    Gold is just a yellow metal that you cannot eat There has been a lot of frenetic activity in the past week and a lot more turbulence is expected over the coming days as the death throes of the corporate so-called government of the United States continue. There is also so much fog and...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Facebook Has Totally Shot Itself In Its Own Stupid Foot

    THE BIGGEST ‘BAIT N’ SWITCH’ IN HISTORY? This has been brewing since around May. At least that’s when we first started noticing it here at Dangerous Minds and we certainly weren’t the only ones. Spring of 2012 was when bloggers, non-profits, indie bands, George Takei, community...
  3. R

    Fake Al-Qaeda actors unmasked!

    Fake Al-Qaeda actors unmasked! August 12, 2009 Sources: wacholland StarPeople