1. Truth Vibrations

    A New Drone FROM the US Navy Sports the Grim Reaper Logo? Why?

    Why would the Navy put the Grim Reaper on a drone? Perhaps the are bring death? At about 3:15 mins invideo Paul Joseph Watson speak about the drone.
  2. Lady of Light

    [Channeled] A Message To All: Please...Stop The Hate, Stop The Abuse, Stop The Violence - Make Peace And Love The Way

    Lady of Light May 1st 2012 Unhypnotize.com A short message about all the wrong in this world. If ever there was a time to speak out about wrongdoings, now is the time. With this world in the state that it is currently in, if we don't speak up, it will continue to spiral out of control to a...
  3. R

    And I Didn't Speak Up

    And I Didn't Speak Up What will happen because you won't speak up :(:mad::mad: