1. 100th Monkey

    Alien UFOs exist, and this is why our government won't disclose them

    This is a good read: By Inelia Benz: Source: https://ascension101.com/en/home/free-articles/94-june-2014/448-alien-ufos-exist-and-this-is-why-the-government-wont-let-you-know-about-them.html
  2. 100th Monkey

    Olinguito: 'Overlooked' mammal carnivore discovered - In the Cloud forests of Ecuador & Colombia

    BBC News, Washington DC Scientists in the US have discovered a new animal living in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador. It has been named olinguito and is the first new species of carnivore to be identified in the Western hemisphere in 35 years.It has taken more than a decade to...
  3. New UFO Hunter

    Aliens Species Types

    3rd march 2013 Notes: Show 51 10th March 2013 - Alien Species part 2 + Dave's life Notes: Show 52
  4. 100th Monkey

    CrossTalk: Whistleblowers Endangered Species?

    Published on 15 Apr 2013 Are whistleblowers an endangered species? How does the crackdown on whistleblowers affect democracy? And can government actions and sunshine policies go together? CrossTalking with Jeanne Mirer and Mark Levine,who says vice President Chaney should be in jail.
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Evidence Bigfoot is Hominin Hybrid

    Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ‘BIGFOOT’ DNA SEQUENCED IN UPCOMING GENETICS STUDY Five-Year Genome Study Yields Evidence of Homo sapiens/Unknown Hominin Hybrid Species in North America DALLAS, Nov. 24--A team of scientists can verify that their 5-year long DNA study, currently under...
  6. 100th Monkey

    BBC - Many human 'prototypes' coexisted in Africa

    Researchers studying fossils from northern Kenya have identified a new species of human that lived two million years ago. The discoveries suggests that at least three distinct species of humans co-existed in Africa. The research adds to a growing body of evidence that runs...
  7. New UFO Hunter

    Bonnie Meyer interviewed on Heidi Hollis

    Bonnie Meyer has a great story of alien contact with at least three different species. She says she has gone aboard the alien crafts.
  8. Unhypnotized

    World’s sixth mass extinction may be underway: study

    Richard Ingham and Laurent Banguet AFP March 6, 2011 Mankind may have unleashed the sixth known mass extinction in Earth’s history, according to a paper released by the science journal Nature. Over the past 540 million years, five mega-wipeouts of species have occurred through...
  9. R

    [Info!] New human species discovered in Russia

    New human species discovered in Russia March 27, 2010 A new human species was discovered in Russia, thanks to DNA tests on a finger bone that was unearthed in Siberia. The person, who estimated 30,000 years ago lived, was not among the species sapiens Gay, the only human species today, but...
  10. New UFO Hunter

    ET Species 101 *new video*

    You know the deal - ET Species 101... Who are we? Who are they? Where do we go from here? Are you ready for open contact yet? A huge thankyou to karl12 and his awesome threads. The images here are from this thread where you can learn who these ETs are and the history of events...
  11. R

    17,650 new species found in deep sea

    17,650 new species found in deep sea Monday, November 23, 2009 WASHINGTON - Researchers have identified more than 17,650 new species discovered in the deep sea. That was the Census of Marine Life, an international research project that lasts ten years and completed in October next year...
  12. R

    Hundreds of new frog species discovered

    Hundreds of new frog species discovered Thursday, May 8, 2009 Spanish researchers have approximately 200 new frog species discovered in Madagascar. The Spanish Scientific Research Council found many of these new species outside protected areas by the government. The researchers believe many...
  13. R

    New species from Paoea New Guinea

    New species from Paoea New Guinea Thursday, March 26,2009 Jumping spiders, frogs and striped gecko. This is the harvest of an expedition of scientists to a remote mountain in Paoea New Guinea. In total, the scientists found, associated with environmental organization Conservation...