It Was a Pretty Good Book

    Still reading outside at a strange day's end, I watched words drag their shadows until one leaf braced a spider opening further into a maelstrom of tiny, upside-down Ls. Which startled a little hunter anole tricked out in identical brown leaf color. He belled his throat (having swallowed what...

    Face of 49-Million-Year-Old Spider Revealed in 3-D

    A very old spider has shown its face to the world for the first time in 49 million years, as scientists used high-tech X-ray methods to peer through the shroud of amber encasing the fossilized arachnid. The report, published online April 28 in the journal Naturwissenschaften, confirms that the...
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    VIDEO: Huge Robo-Spider in Yokohama

    VIDEO: Huge Robo-Spider in Yokohama YouTube - La Machine - Big Spider in Yokohama VIDEO: - La Machine - Big Spider in Yokohama. April 22nd, 2009 in Breaking News, Technology