1. Truth Vibrations

    Ben Fulford June 16, 2014: Are all of these emergency meetings of world leaders leading to some big announcement?

    June 16, 2014 Weekly geo-political news and analysis Full report here.
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Benjamin Fulford June 2, 2014

    Benjamin Fulford, June 2 2014 More here: ...and here is a reply from David Wilcock
  3. 100th Monkey

    Benjamin Fulford 9th September 2013

    Fear and hate palpable as final cabal take-down continues September 9, 2013 More: Ben Fulford
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Benjamin Fulford, August 27, 2013

    Latest attempt to start world war 3 in Syria a sign of cabal desperation The final take-down of the criminal cabal that illegally seized control of many Western countries is under-way according to multiple sources in the Pentagon, MI5, the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge and in various Asian power...
  5. 100th Monkey

    Billy Joel by the LAPD - Burners deployed and we have fire!

    We didn't start the fire!!
  6. Denise

    Benjamin Fulford - Dec-17-2012 - The world will not end this Friday, December 21st 2012, but it almost did!

    This Friday will be the long talked about Mayan etc. December 21st, 2012 end of the world date. When that date comes and goes, it will be time to examine forensically exactly who was behind the various Nibiru, Planet X, photon belt, rapture etc. stories that all predicted the death of 80% or...
  7. Noah

    [Inspiring] Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    I have been kicking around an idea today. To start a thread here to promote individual development by sharing personal experiences. I have much experience to choose from to start off such a thread as I am sure many of us here have our own powerful experiences. I wanted to start the thread off...
  8. Denise

    Liberian Leader, Taylor- gets 50 yrs for war crimes

    The headline states everything. Let's pray it is the start of the criminalizing of war crimes appropriately.
  9. Denise

    How To Start A REVOLUTION..!

    Jan 10, 2012 Download the book here... The Soros/CIA Handbook - How To Start Revolutions...:yes4:
  10. Truth Vibrations

    DAVID ICKE - REPTILIAN GENETIC HYBRIDS (viewer discretion advised)

    "I was just wondering what the footage of the gun shot victim was for at the start of the video ? was it to emphasize the evil nature of these beings ?
  11. Unhypnotized

    Tevatron Discovered New Physics part of 'Dark Energy'? Bridge to Multiverse or Parall

    Howdy recently encountered this movie could possibly be the start of some thing significant. link down below:
  12. Denise

    Akashic Records For April 2011

    What energies and experiences can we expect in April 2011? The feeling this month is similar to the feeling of going down a roller coaster. The collective energy speeds up so that time will seem to pass more quickly, and you may feel as if you cannot keep track of things very well. For many...
  13. M

    Radiation Safety Falls Behind

    Video Rob Harris, Sean Patrick Farrell Published: 10 & As medical radiation technology advances, a patchwork of regulations does not always protect patients from radiation injury. This story was a outrageous and interesting at the same time. Basically, felt that those patients, their...
  14. Unhypnotized

    Farrakhan's speach on the H1N1 vaccine

    This took me by surprise. I don't think TPTB are going to like this getting around..................unless they wanted to start riots
  15. R

    2012 Message from The Quran

    2012 Message from The Quran Tuesday, June 23, 2009 The event marks the end of this era and the start of a new era for the human race
  16. CASPER

    Where To Go From Here

    Now, when you have been briefed on the world situation as a whole, it is time to go into more details of the many issues mentioned above. Illuminati News is a large database, where you hopefully will find the answers to many of your questions about life and how this world is run. It may be...
  17. R

    Illuminati secrets 1 to 13

    This will start you off the rest is on the link.