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    Medicinal fasting

    There are many facts that medicinal fasting helps to overcome even fatal diseases. But it is a big stress for the whole organism. What do you think about using of the medicinal fasting?
  2. Unhypnotized

    David Icke On The Hillary Raimo Show

    08-08-2010 03:07 AM The people who have caused me, my work, my health and everything most difficulty, most stress, and been the biggest challenges, have been people who have expressed their love and support for me more than anybody else. There are many, many*ways to undermine someone, or...
  3. FACE33


    Stress A lecturer when explaining stress management to an audience, Raised a glass of water and asked 'How heavy is this glass of water?' Answers called out ranged from 20g to 500g. The lecturer replied, 'The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long you try to hold it. If I...
  4. day

    best way to beat stress .... ;-)

  5. day

    10 Instant Stress Busters!

    10 Instant Stress Buster By Gudrun Frerichs, PhD :censor:1. Swearing: It may be hard to believe, but research has shown that swearing can release stress. If you are in a stressful conflict situation with your boss, partner, or friend, you might want to leave the room, go to the bathroom to...

    Meditating for Life

    Too much stress, stress reduction, chill out, let it go, detach – familiar phrases to all of us. Our world is fast, fun and exciting. It is also challenging, trying, demanding and frightening. These two sides of our lives produce stress, emotional reactions, anxiety, worry and anticipation. Our...
  7. R

    Reading is effective against stress

    Reading is effective against stress Monday, April 6, 2009 Six minutes of reading is enough to reduce stress. This is evident from examination of Mindlab International University of Sussex. Reading is faster and better than other methods to calm down, such as listening to music, a nice walk...