1. Denise

    Wearing Sunglasses Can Affect Your Pineal Gland

    More and more people are wearing sunglasses, even if the sun is not shining bright and I see also that little children (toddlers) have sunglasses on. I remember an article by Dr. Ornstein in the Let’s live Magazine in October 1980 were it is explained that Sunlight is very important, day light...
  2. Lady of Light

    [Wow!] Unexplained Rainbow Effect To The South / South-East Essex County Ontario

    Back at the end of May / beginning of June of this year (2011), I was driving to Windsor from Chatham on Highway #2, I noticed out my driver window a very large vertical "rainbow" on the horizon. It could be seen best with a pair of sunglasses, but was very, very faint to the naked eye. I could...