[Wow!] Unexplained Rainbow Effect To The South / South-East Essex County Ontario

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Back at the end of May / beginning of June of this year (2011), I was driving to Windsor from Chatham on Highway #2, I noticed out my driver window a very large vertical "rainbow" on the horizon. It could be seen best with a pair of sunglasses, but was very, very faint to the naked eye. I could see the colors of the rainbow in vertical stripes that repeated themselves at least a second time fully, and some of the colors again to either side of the very visible colors. My mom was with me and she thought I was crazy cuz she couldn't see them. I pulled over and insisted that it was there as plain as the nose on my face. She looked and still couldn't see them. I was wearing sunglasses but she wasn't, so I took off my sunglasses to see if I could see it without them. It was very faint, but there. I handed her my sunglasses and made her look. Sure enough, she could see it. Neither one of us had EVER seen anything like that before in all our lives. She's 67 and I'm 32, and we've lived in the area all our lives. We've driven that route numerous times over the years, and that was the first time it was seen. So, after I got her to see it and not think I was crazy anymore, I continued driving, but didn't see it once we reached Windsor. Of course, there are obstacles in the way once you get to that point on the highway, so it would make it difficult to see anything on the horizon.

A couple of weeks ago, (sometime in July 2011), I saw this phenomenon once again on my way east heading down highway #2 on my way to my mother's house. And, once again, when the view was blocked by trees and houses, I lost site of it.

I really don't know what could possibly be causing this as I am not aware of ANYTHING in the area that it was seen that could have possibly generated something like this. I agree that more investigation should be done, but this was a very, very strange occurrence that just doesn't happen around here.

I'll keep this thread updated with my latest sightings of this phenomenon.


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Cool, but I wonder why it shows up best with sunglasses. It looks like you've got some strange events going on where you live.