1. Denise

    What Plants Talk About - Full Length Documentary

    Not only can plants talk they communicate.
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Revolutionary Movements and How to Start One

  3. Truth Vibrations

    Obama to support Internet wiretapping program

    Published on 9 May 2013 There's been a lot happening on the technology front this week: from the newest piece of cyber legislation designed to keep copyright pirates at bay, to potential government- mandated Internet backdoors designed to monitor your moves online and beyond. Hemanshu Nigam...
  4. woodfoe

    Russians Aren't Afraid To Talk About Nibiru

  5. Truth Vibrations

    Red Ice Radio- Christopher Knight & Alan Butler - Artificial Moon? Stonehenge & Freem

    I heard of Christopher Knight & Alan Butler from David Icke: Hours 1 and 2 of Henrik Palmgren's interview with Christopher Knight & Alan Butler. Chris became a writer almost by accident. In 1976 he became a Freemason because he was curious to know what the organization was really about. He...
  6. Denise

    Filter Bubbles: Internet Shows Us What It Thinks We Want To See

    Good Ted talk here
  7. Denise

    Web Bot interview

    Rather lengthy, but covers many subject matter many of us talk about right here at UHF LInk
  8. Filthpig

    Hello everyone

    Hi, I just wanted to say 'HELLO' to everyone on the site and I hope to engage in conversations with some of you in the future. I've just joined up so it'll take me a little bit to know the 'ropes' so to say. So once again HELLO and I'll talk more tomorrow.
  9. Unhypnotized

    John Trudell - Tribes of Europe

    Taken from the talk: "What it means to be a human being" Given by John Trudell at a benefit for the O'wa Indians and there resistance to oil drilling on their ancestral land. Full talk can be downloaded for free
  10. Unhypnotized

    Two suns video's appearing on YouTube?

    Two suns Zeta Talk Two Suns from Costa Rica Very interesting indeed....
  11. Unhypnotized

    Who are the Star Children and Adults??

    Yes. What are Starchildren and adults? There is much talk about them, but who are they? How did they get here, and why?? Are you a sleeping StarChild??
  12. Unhypnotized

    Target date for the UN to rule the world: 2012

    Listening to Alan Watt's radio talk for October 27, 2009, I was struck by the statement at the end of the talk (at 40:55) that the powers that be hope to rule the world through the UN by 2012. So much focus on the year 2012:
  13. R

    Glenn Beck & Chuck Norris Talk Guns - Glenn and Chuck Talk about Americas Future [Dep

    Glenn Beck & Chuck Norris Talk Guns - Glenn and Chuck Talk about Americas Future [Depression?] Posted by ricklbert March 16/09