1. New UFO Hunter

    Dr. Claude Swanson, UFO Physics

    Tue, Aug 23, 2011 Interview enjoy Dr. Claude Swanson is a theoretical physicist who earned his degrees at MIT and Princeton. For many years he worked at high tech labs for large corporations and on US Defense projects. However, Dr. Swanson now focuses his efforts on the science of...
  2. Lady of Light

    A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?

    Hi folks Part I Part 2 Part 3
  3. Lady of Light

    Is Elenin Intelligently Controlled?

    "The Project Camelot: Elenin conference provided a number of important insights into Comet Elenin - the most important being its artificiality, the torsion field effects it was exerting, and the possibility that it is some kind of spacecraft." Comet Elenin is an incoming spacecraft or...
  4. day

    Joseph P. Farrell - Secrets Of The Unified Field 01/11

    Investigator of alternative technologies, Joseph P. Farrell discussed his research into secret military projects such as 'the Bell' made by the Third Reich, and the Philadelphia Experiment conducted in the United States. Both projects may have incorporated Einstein's Unified Field Theory, and...
  5. day

    spiral over norway update Richard C. Hoagland

    A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway? if youve read Richard Hoaglands 3 part series about the blue spiral over Norway - it may seem pretty far fetched. In part two of his articles he shows what was happening in Moscows skies ... here are some videos about the blue spiral

    Channeling : The Modern Way

    Channeling is where a human enters into an 'altered state of consciousness' which allows the person to become a conduit or 'channel' for the spirit of another, who can then use the channel to speak and take limited actions. This is, in essence, what a medium does to communicate with the dead...
  7. R

    Project Camelot interviews Joseph Farrell

    Project Camelot interviews Joseph Farrell Nazi International: April 22, 2009 The title of this interview, Nazi International, refers to Joseph Farrell's most recent book, in which he details - as do Camelot witnesses Jim Marrs and Peter Levenda, and many other researchers (including Jim Keith...