1. Truth Vibrations

    An open letter from a US Political prisoner and Native American

    This letter comes from 2004 and in it's own way is prophetic. Great read and points to the situations right now. Simply basic facts. Source: United American Indians of New England
  2. Denise

    Sign the world peace treaty

    Picture a planet devoid of WAR?
  3. 2

    [Warning!] A New and More Devious Way to Destroy 2nd Amendment

    If this happens it will really be almost as sad day for America as when the SCOTUS upheld Affordable Health Care and told us it was a o.k. because it could be taxed. Just what we needed something else to be taxed. They will finally have what they've always wanted, and we will have lost one more...
  4. 2

    [ALERT!] Is The Right to Bear Arms going Away

    While I don't have a gun, I don't believe that if you go by legal means of getting and take care of your weapon, and be very prudent on if you have to use it and how, there's nothing constitutionally wrong with carrying a weapon. As long as its done within the law. These criminals always seem...
  5. Unhypnotized

    Irish exit polls show yes majority for Lisbon treaty

    Ireland is on course to ratify the Lisbon treaty, with early tallies showing a strong surge for a yes vote this morning. The outcome of yesterday’s referendum, which will be known later today, is set to put the European Union reform project back on track. As early as 9.30am at the ballot count...