1. Lionnessalone

    [Help!] is everyone a snake among the grass?

    I just recently found, that my best friend in the world, who I have known all my life. Is a snake... my heart is hurt because she has been the only one to be there for me throughout my whole life... how do you get over something like that... I'm heartbroken how can you trust someone who's only...
  2. Denise

    Dr. Oz says No to VACCINATING HIS KIDS!

    Watch as Dr Oz refuses to have his children vaccinated while recommending that you & your children have there yearly dose. Who are you going to trust Dr Oz the Corporate Machine or Mr Oz the Father? Get your vaccine exemption forms today.
  3. Amaterasu

    Seeking Help....

    Just recently (last two weeks) my calves and feet have begun to swell. I do not know why. I eat organic foods, and do what exercise My rheumatological condition allows. But now I am having this problem. Any help would be gratefully accepted. (Wasn't going to ask - but then I...